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minecraft police and agents Avatar
Created by agent60509
On Nov, 17 2012
we are the police of minecraft we have files about mobs and players if do not use uniform you will be undercover for the time of no uniform
Members : 1
TheMinecrafters Avatar
Created by Fadel
On Sep, 22 2011
[size=18]We Are The Minecrafters![/size] Hello All! My Name is RoklGames And Me and my friend Fadelassaad Just made A Group Called The Minecrafters. We Have 8 Members so far And Counting. We Still Have Room For 1 More Admin and 1 More mod on the forum. The Minecrafters Are Basicly A Group Who Make Videos For Youtube And IGN. We Need Writers for Our Magazine too. We Also Are Looking for a dedicated server So The Minecrafters Community Can Play On it.
Members : 4

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